2022 Goal Setting

2021 has come and gone — PHEW!  How did you do with your goals?  Maybe you wrapped it up super-quick and then didn’t really have another goal to shoot for.  Maybe your goal remained just out of reach all year because it was a little too lofty, or maybe you couldn’t narrow down your goals enough and were shooting for too many at once.  Maybe you’re a practiced goal-setter and you nailed that thing to the wall right on schedule!  In any case, the new year is a great opportunity to refocus and redouble your efforts toward a solid goal.

The best goals will have the following attributes.  Experienced goal-setters will recognize the SMART acronym that these attributes create:
They are Specific and Measurable.  Not just “I want to lose weight”, but “I will lose 15 pounds”
They are Attainable and Realistic.  If you currently squat 200 lbs, squatting 400 lbs in the next year is not going to happen for you!  Sorry to burst your balloon there.
They are Time-bound.  “I will climb to the top of the rope by May 31st”
Finally, they are Singular (my addition… so SMARTS!).  If you choose two tough goals, it will take you twice as long to achieve just one of them as if you just choose one and go for it.  Set your sights on one goal, crush it, and move on!

How can you work on achieving your goal, given that our class time is scheduled already with a warmup, strength/skill component, workout, and cooldown?  Here are a few ideas:
1. Find some time to come in for Open Gym, or stick around for 15 minutes after class for some focused goal-smashing time!  Talk to a coach about how to structure your goal work so that you’re not doing the same thing every time, but working on different components of your goal in a smart way.
2. Keep your goal in mind when deciding how/if to scale the workout.
For example, if your goal is to lose weight, it is generally a good idea to use a lighter, manageable weight during a timed workout so that you can continue to move fast.  Use the Weightlifting components of the weekly schedule to get some heavy work done, and then use a light weight for the Metcon components.
If your goal is to do a strict Pull-up and the workout calls for 25 Pull-ups in a set, instead of doing jumping pull-ups and zooming through 25 reps, choose a light band that you can do a small amount of reps with, and scale the number of reps in the workout.
3. Keep your goal in mind during the workout itself.
If your goal is to improve your Front Squat 1RM, then as you are squatting with heavy weight make absolutely sure that your form is perfect.  You can’t (or shouldn’t) add weight to your squat if you are allowing your lower back and shoulders to round forward, and if you let the weight slide down to your rest in your hands.  Listen to your coach’s cues and remain hyper-focused on your form, and the movements will feel easier.  Then we load that barbell up a little bit more!

Think about what you are excited about achieving in the new year, and when you think you can achieve it.  Email Coach Alicia at alicia@crossfitkentisland.com with your goal, and we can give you some feedback on whether it meets the criteria above.  Then write it on the wall at the gym (we’re going to reset that wall so we can all add some new goals), write it down in your office or somewhere that you will see it on a daily basis so that you’re always reminded of what you are working toward.

Looking forward to a lot of hard work and celebrations in 2022!