Once again, I thought the times were getting pretty fast today, until the very end when Matis took a turn this time at putting us all to shame.  Under the 8-minute mark with a 7:57!  Totally sweet times by absolutely everyone, including Athena getting this one “as Rx’d” with her awesome unassisted pullups!
Big ups also to our new Overhead Squat PRs:  Alyssa (150lbs), Athena (80lbs), Claire (80lbs), Julia (30lbs), and Kenny (245lbs).  Way to go heavy, guys!
For time:
– 100 Pullups
– 100 Pushups
– 100 Situps
– 100 Squats
Rx’d: Do not move on to the next movement until all 100 reps have been completed
Scaled: Break up the workout into manageable sets

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