April 11th, 2013

Anyone’s legs still growling after 300 lunges and 150 squats?  Yeah, mine neither.  On Thursday we’ll focus on the Overhead Squat technique with some increasingly heavy sets, and then get some practice on ALL the squat techniques as well as some good overhead pressing work.  Oh, and Dana requested Tire Flips.

The KIHS wrestlers flipping “Old Misery”

Strength:  Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5 (start light, increase weight each set)
Work Capacity:
For time with one consistent weight (max 115/75 lbs):
– 10 Press
– 15 Overhead Squat
– 20 Push Press
– 25 Front Squat
– 30 Push Jerk
– 35 Back Squat
Grab a partner and do 20 Tire Flips;  dudes 500 lb tire (“Old Misery”), dudettes or mixed pair 300 lb tire (“Baby Gorilla”)

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  1. Nice work on that long lifting WOD today! Top Rx’d scores were Matis at 10:39 and Kenny at 11:02. Claire burned through 12:11 @ 55 lbs!

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