Barbell Getup

Mike practicing the even more technical (and heavier!) Turkish Getup, this time with a 65-lb barbell.
Editor’s Note:  Alex also worked up to a 70-lb kettlebell getup, but I neglected to get a picture in favor of sweating profusely and drinking a beer.

Ring Work

HUGE thanks to Chris and Kenny for dreaming up and building the awesome ring and rope rig that is now hanging proudly from our high wall!  We’ve been practicing some muscle-ups, and noticing that for some reason it’s alot harder to get up there if your feet can’t touch the ground… weird.
Just another example of the amazing support that you guys have given the gym, and I can’t thank you all enough.

Week One Complete!

Chris L dominating the Double-Under

Well, we have one full week behind us as a full-fledged CrossFit affiliate gym, and man does it feel good!  We have some amazing athletes working out with us, and not just because of their athletic talent which is plenty, but these ladies and gents are also truly great individuals.  Everyone has been so welcoming, hilarious, and helpful, and I’m just so damn excited to see where this little CrossFit box on the Eastern Shore ends up.
I also have been in touch with Leah from CrossFit Nation, an outstanding box down in Easton, and it sounds like we need to get ourselves ready for an Eastern Shore affiliate challenge at the end of July in Sailsbury!
Here are some pics from the first week – I obviously didn’t capture everything, but will definitely keep snapping on the iPhone to make sure I get all of your outstanding feats on film!
Can’t wait to see what Week 2 has in store.
My son Everett, visualizing the muscle-up or just playing monkey

Kenny's shirt is too short, but his Handstand Pushup is right on

Kenny and Chris G showing great form on the "The Wall"


Guardian Angel

A most glorious thing happened today after Open Gym, when I did the workout from the main site, which happened to be “Nancy”, something we already did this week!  I had just finished the workout, shaving a couple minutes off my previous best time, and looked down to see the figure of an angel on the floor!  I think it was a sign that someone up above is looking out for us, or maybe a “Rogue” angel checking out our cool gear…  Or could it have been the fact that I collapsed in a heap after my workout directly on my back, and couldn’t move for a good minute?
Gotta love a good sweat angel.

Happy Memorial Day

Beginning on Tuesday, May 29th we will begin our group class schedule!  We’re loading the daily schedule into a system that will allow you all to sign up for classes, book appointments, and buy memberships or single  classes, and we’re not quite ready with that yet, so in the meantime check out the Schedule page for the days and times, and shoot me an email if you’d like to attend one or more classes next week.
Also… in honor of Memorial Day and our fallen heroes, we are waiving the fee for group classes from Tuesday, May 29th through Saturday, June 2nd.  At $20 per class, this is potentially a $100 value, so please do take advantage and sign up now!
Can’t wait to get started!!

Open Gym this Saturday!

We have finished building, buying, and cleaning our way to a real live CrossFit box, and we’re ready to throw open the doors!
Come on out to our first Open Gym on Saturday, May 26th!  Feel free to stop by anytime between 9am and 4pm.  We will be around to work out, answer your questions, and generally hang out!
See you soon!

Front Squats and Horse Mats

Wow, what a busy weekend, and it’s not even done yet!  On Friday morning I met Sharon and Ted at the gym for a workout.  They are members at CrossFit Frederick ( and have a place on KI.  They saw that we were opening up, shot me an email, and after I confirmed that they didn’t mind that the gym still looks like hell, they met me for CFKI’s first early morning workout.  Sharon also let me know that she is competing in the CrossFit Games this year!  What an honor to train a Games athlete in the new box (make that two firsts in one day!)
I went in an hour early to devise a nasty workout, and came up with a good one that kicked my butt.  This one is all about endurance in the legs – you have to power through some high-rep squat sets, and then transition into the technical skill of double-unders while fatigued… not easy!
“The Dynamic Duo”
40 Front Squats @ 95 lbs
40 Double-unders
30 Front Squats @ 95 lbs
30 Double-unders
20 Front Squats @ 95 lbs
20 Double-unders
10 Front Squats @ 95 lbs
10 Double-unders
Today, I headed down to Tractor Supply to pick up some horse stall mats – the perfect flooring for the box!  Denee and I spent the day putting down the mats, anchoring the pullup rig to the concrete floor, chasing the kids around, and getting the gym generally squared away.
Stay tuned for an announcement on when we will start opening for classes – we’re not that far away!

Boxes in "The Box"

Super pumped to have all of our equipment delivered today… now we have to unpack and get it all together!  Can’t wait to do it though.
Most of the equipment came boxed up, but Rogue Fitness knows how to make sure it’s easy to get a quick workout in as soon as possible – the bumper plates and bars came on their own palate, easily accessible after getting the plastic wrap off.  Those bastards.
After running home for a quick dinner, I met up with Andrea and Jay at the Island Athletic Club to do a CrossFit introductory workout.  They both banged out “Fran” in under 8 minutes, and showed great athleticism in our quick squat clinic.  Great job, Andrea and Jay!  Can’t wait to workout with you guys again.


Hi there, welcome to CrossFit Kent Island’s home on the web!  This site is still in progress so if you’re checking it out right now, rest assured it’s going to look a lot sweeter in the near future.  I’m still getting a hang of this web design thing!
We are also working on outfitting the physical location of our “box”, so in the meantime please feel free to give me a call at 443-988-2145, email me at, or leave a comment on this site.  I can meet you to train at my home or yours, or meet up at Club One in Chester if you’re a member.