Class Schedule Friday-Monday

Hey guys – I am going on a trip this weekend (Friday-Monday), and our wonderful coaches are covering as much as possible but there will be some cancellations. ┬áSpecifically, CrossFit Light (7am) on Friday and Monday are cancelled, as well as Open Gym on Friday, Saturday, and Monday.
So, our schedule is the following for Friday, Feb 20th through Monday, Feb 24th:
Friday 6am CrossFit, 5:30pm CrossFit
Saturday 10am Kids, 11am CrossFit
Sunday 10am Yoga
Monday 6am CrossFit, 5:30pm CrossFit, 6:30pm CrossFit
Those of you that regularly attend CrossFit Light, our coaches can scale any workout to be appropriate for any level, so you are more than welcome to attend the regular CrossFit class and you will do great!

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