Coach Highlight: Kyle

Hey!  Did you know we have an Olympic Weightlifting class?  Yeah!  Tuesdays at 5:30pm, Coach Kyle leads us through drills to become better lifters, and you get an hour to throw barbells around, which is always fun.
What I love about Kyle’s coaching technique is that he is relentless.  He will see a specific movement in your lift that could be more efficient, and stay on it until you improve.  No more weight on the bar until it gets better.  He doesn’t care that you have an ego, he genuinely wants you to be a better athlete.

Here is Kyle in his own words:

I really like helping people become better athletes. I love seeing my athletes accomplish goals. I love seeing my athletes happy after a competition! I really just like seeing people happy.
I started working out when I was 14, for high school sports, and never stopped. I basically have 26 years of experience working out. Over that time I tried so many workout styles and philosophies. I always like to learn and understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, so I’ve accumulated a ton of workout knowledge through reading and listening and doing.
When I started CrossFit, I was really drawn to the Olympic style weightlifting. I was OBSESSED with weightlifting for a couple years. Every night I was online, either watching weightlifting videos or reading about weightlifting. I developed a great understanding of the lifts. I was a member at Baydog CrossFit, I saw a need for more complete weightlifting instruction, and started a weightlifting class. That weightlifting class began a new obsession… how to coach weightlifting. Now it’s been about 7 years of coaching weightlifting, and I’m getting pretty good at it!

Come lift with Kyle on Tuesdays at 5:30pm!  You can usually also find him at the gym during his lunch hour, lifting and doing crazy CrossFit workouts with Jimmy.


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