CrossFit Light

Have you done CrossFit before but now you’re out of practice and looking for a way to get back into it?
Have you attended CrossFit class but thought “if they didn’t ask me to do a handstand or whip myself with a jumprope, I think that would be fun”
If you said “YES” (or just thought it), CrossFit Light may just be a good fit for you!
In our CrossFit Light class we focus on getting a really good workout in, without spending a lot of time learning the more difficult skills of competitive CrossFit (Double-Unders, Rope Climbs, Handstands).  We also are not going to ask you to lift as heavy as you can — our weightlifting sessions before a workout are focused on increasing our awareness of how to move with weight.
Beginning immediately, our CrossFit Light class schedule is Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 7am-8am.  We have showers (bring your own toiletries and towel), and a great new, bigger facility!  Come check it out!
Sign up for CrossFit Light via our online scheduling tool

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