CrossFit Open – Do's and Don't's

Are you allowed to have two apostrophes in one word, like Don’t’s?  Liz, where are you on this one?  If you’re not aware, Coach Liz is also an English teacher, so watch your language around her.  You can swear all you want, but if she catches a double negative she’ll drop you for burpees on the spot.
In previous blogs and Instagram posts and every other medium imaginable, I’ve implored you to sign up for “The Open” – or more officially the Reebok CrossFit Games Open.  It kicks off tomorrow at 8pm Eastern, and you can watch the announcement of the first workout live on or on the CrossFit Games Facebook page.  If you’re still on the fence about signing up, just do it!  You will get to challenge yourself with interesting tests, and you will feel like a part of the overall CrossFit community, not just our little island gym.  If you think the workouts we’ve done recently are fun, and you want to have an annual benchmark of your fitness, you should do The Open.  In the end, there is no risk (other than the $20 entry fee) and high reward.  Sign up here.
Also, don’t be on the fence about stuff.
Enough said about that.  This blog post is more for the newcomers to the CrossFit Open who might not know exactly what to expect.  This will get you a bit more mentally prepared for The Open.  Without further ado, a list of Do’s and Don’t’s <– there it is again, sorry, Liz!
– Do understand the standards for the workout and each movement before you begin.  If you are competing in The Open, you will have a judge (a CFKI coach or a few other members who have been trained) who is watching you to make sure you adhere to the standards.
– Don’t argue with your judge on any “No-Rep” calls – you can ask for clarification but they are not going to change their mind!
– Do the Open workout on Friday during class (it will be our Workout of the Day), or make arrangements with a CFKI coach to do the workout another day and time.
– Don’t show up on Saturday or Monday during class or Open Gym and assume that someone is available to judge you.  Please make arrangements – the easiest way is to text Coach Ryan and he can help you coordinate.
– Do treat each workout like a competition or test.  You’re not competing against anyone else in the gym though – you’re competing against your past and future selves.  And they’re pretty fast.
– Don’t plan to redo the workout another time, unless you royally mess up your strategy or your jump rope breaks in half during the WOD.  Most of us should be “one and done” each week, and start getting ready for the next one.
– Do sign up for class so that we know when you’re coming and can plan out heat listings when necessary.
– Don’t end a Do’s and Don’t’s blog post with a Do.  You gotta wrap with Don’t.  Or Do you?
Can’t wait for the announcement tomorrow guys, it’s gonna be epic.  If you haven’t made your guess on what Open WOD 19.1 will be yet, head over to our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram and make a guess on our Open Guessing Game post.  You could win $30 in CFKI swag!!

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