December 5th, 2013

Those of you who have “been around the block” in CrossFit will recognize these 5 movements in 1-minute AMRAPs as the infamous “Fight Gone Bad” (except for the Pull-ups which we’ll sub for Rowing).  So let’s call this one “Run Gone Bad”!
Work Capacity:
Each of the 5 rounds has a 3:30 minute time limit, the remainder of which is used to execute as many reps as possible for the prescribed movement. Rest 30 seconds between rounds.

  1. Run 400m/ AMRAP Wallball (20#/14#)
  2. Run 400m/ AMRAP sumo deadlift high pull (75#/45#)
  3. Run 400m/ AMRAP box jump (24in/20in)
  4. Run 400m/ AMRAP Push Press (75#/45#)
  5. Run 400m/ AMRAP Pull-up

“The whole story of human and personal progress is an unmitigated tale of denials today — denials of rest, denials of repose and comfort and ease and pleasure — that tomorrow may be richer.”
– James Carroll

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