ESAC 7 Debrief

Congratulations to all of our athletes that competed in the 7th Eastern Shore Affiliate Challenge!  The ESAC has grown quite a bit from when it started a couple years ago by the coaches at CrossFit Salisbury, and after a few other boxes hosted, this time we went back to Salisbury for another great time.  We had 14 competitors, which was our biggest group yet, and it was definitely a solid group.  Throwing down with you all and watching you perform was a real treat – our technique was sound, we were fast and strong, and above all, everyone gave every workout their absolute best.
As far as results go, here are some highlights:
– Eric Russell (135 lbs), Gordon Bennett (155 lbs), Dana Bradshaw (125 lbs), and Lori McClelland (105 lbs) hit their personal records on Overhead Squats!
– Andy Booze got 2nd in the Overhead Squat Ladder (245 lbs and 43 push-ups), and 10th overall in the Men’s Rx division
– Kenny Seeling got 7th in the Run/Double-Under/Burpee workout, and 8th overall in the Men’s Rx division
– Ryan Grantham got 3rd in the Run/Double-Under/Burpee workout, 6th in “The Pits” workout, and 6th overall in the Men’s Rx division
– Alyssa Stookey got 6th in the Overhead Squat Ladder (135 lbs and 39 push-ups), 5th in the Run/Double-Under/Burpee workout and 11th overall in the Women’s Rx division
– Jimmy Bradshaw got 1st in “The Pits” workout, 2nd in the Overhead Squat Ladder (155 lbs and 27 push-ups), and 1st overall in the Men’s Scaled division!!
After the individual workouts were done and the scores tallied, our top 3 men (Grantham, Kenny, Andy) and top 3 women (Alyssa, Yvette, Lori) formed a team and competed in the team event, which started with a nasty combination of the benchmark WODs Fran, Diane, and DT.  Because of a combination of coaching and judging errors, Alyssa and Andy accidentally did one extra round of DT!  If they had stopped after 5 rounds, their time would have beat the top team.  As it turned out, we were just outside of the top 3 teams and did not move on to the final workout, but it was an outstanding performance and I know they are all very happy with how they competed.
I can’t wait for the next ESAC – who knows, maybe we’ll host it at our sweet new digs!!

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