Ooooh – it’s that 4-letter word that starts with “F”!  Fran is THE classic CrossFit workout because of it’s simplicity and it’s ability to lay you out for a while if you go super-hard on it.  If you’ve done it before but scaled the weight, try to increase the weight and match your time.  Same with pullups – try a lighter band!
After the WOD we’ll partner up for an optional “cash out” – we’ll definitely have the time but some may not have the energy!
Work Capacity:
21-15-9 rep rounds of:
– Thrusters, 95/65 lbs
– Pullups
With a partner, split the following work as you’d like.  Each group must complete all the reps in one exercise before moving on.
– 50 Back Squats, 95/65 lbs
– 100 Situps
– 400M Run with weight plate (45 lbs for dudes, 25 lbs for dudettes, 35 lbs for mixed pair)
“Fortune favors the brave.”
– Publius Terence

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