“I wish I would have done that workout alone.”
— No one

We would never willingly drag a friend into our personal hardship.  But a hard CrossFit workout?  Hell yeah!  Having friends by our side during a difficult test can give us incredible strength.  We wouldn’t say, “I’m glad you’re suffering too,” but maybe “I’m glad that you’re here with me!”

Friends are people to lean on, and people to be strong for.  When servicemen and women talk about the extraordinary camaraderie of serving and the tight-knit teams they served with, they know that such closeness, while punctuated by times of great fun and hilarity, was forged in the fire of shared struggle.  They got stronger by knowing that they were together when their lives were on the line.  In the world of CrossFit, our lives are not in danger – although it might feel like it sometimes! – but that shared struggle is real, and it also bonds us together as close friends.

My most challenging moment of the SEALFIT Kokoro training event – a 50-hour endurance test – came pretty quickly out of the gate, a couple hours in and we were all already physically smoked from bear crawls and several timed mile runs.  I must have really looked like it, because as I was stumbling up a hill sprint, one of my new quickly-made friends shot me a quick, “We’ve got this, Wolf, stay in the fight.”  That moment stuck with me as a turning point as I realized we were all in this together, we were all struggling, and I needed to be strong for myself and my own personal goal of finishing the event, but I also needed to be strong for my teammates.  Two nights later, on a 25-mile ruck up and down a mountain, I returned the favor by physically pushing my buddy up the hill when he became too exhausted and delirious from lack of sleep to even walk.  We all have those moments in a super-challenging experience where we can be the one to reach out with a helping hand or a pick-me-up pep talk, and it might make the difference in someone else’s success or failure.

Friends, our CrossFit Kent Island community, are what makes our training experience different from any other program out there, and why we enjoy so much success in our training.  Let’s all try to pass on that special experience – the joy and the struggle and everything that comes with it – to other people in our lives.

Through the month of December, we would like everyone to feel free to Bring a Friend to Class.  You know that once they experience the magic one time they’ll be hooked.  They just don’t know it yet!  Just give your coach a heads-up text so they know to expect a new face.

If you are not a member yet and you are reading this, hi my name is Ryan and I would like you to come try a CrossFit class, for free!  It’s always better with a friend, so grab your buddy along the way!  Tell him you’re going to a happy hour or something, he’ll believe it.  And you’re not really lying, we have drinks in the fridge.

Can’t wait to meet a bunch of new friends!


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