Group On-Ramp Classes

We are excited to now offer small group On-Ramp classes, which is your ticket to knowledge of the fundamental CrossFit movements, followed by health and happiness!
Before you begin training in the regular morning or evening group CrossFit classes, the On-Ramp program is the way to get started.  The program is offered in 4 1-hour sessions, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm, beginning with the first Tuesday of each month.  It is a progressive program where each session builds upon the previous ones, so you do need to start with the first Tuesday and be able to attend each session.  To sign up or check out the schedule go here!
The price is $80 per person.
We also continue to offer our individual On-Ramp sessions that can be scheduled at your convenience (and our coaches’, of course!)  The price of those is $100 per person.
If you’ve heard yourself mutter any of these phrases lately, it’s time to get started with CrossFit:
“I really need to get back in shape”
“Man, I can’t believe I’ve gained so much weight”
“Back in ’85 I could throw a football a quarter mile”
“I work out all the time, but I do the same thing in the gym and I’m bored”
So, sign up for the On-Ramp, or if you’re still not sure, schedule a free intro session to check out the gym and see what it’s all about.  You won’t regret it!

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