Halloween Throwdown

Hope everyone made it through Sandy alright!  It seems like we got off easy, considering all the nasty effects of the storm surge we didn’t have to deal with much on our little peninsula.
Tomorrow we’ll have a choice of workouts from the 2012 Halloween Throwdown.  Do one or two of these, or if you signed up for the online challenge do all three!  If you need to leave at the end of the hour-long class, then please choose to do only two workouts, or cut these rest periods way down.
WOD #1
Find 3RM Hang Snatch
REST 10 Mins. after WOD #1
WOD #2
For time:
30 Thrusters, 95/65 lbs
Row 500M
Rest 20 Minutes after WOD #2
WOD #3
5 Rounds for time:
9 Burpees (jump to touch an object 6″ above your reach)
12 Power Cleans, 95/65 lbs
15 Wallballs, 20/10 lbs

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