Happy Thanksgiving!

From our family to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone has a great trip to wherever you may be celebrating, and gets to enjoy some great food, drink, and company.  But before that…
Dana sent along this workout as a way to negate the overload of calories we’re all going to binge on.  Denee and I are going to clear out some room in her sister’s basement and knock through this in 30 minutes, and then let the feasting begin!
10 minutes of Jump Rope at a fast pace
10 rounds of 25 Burpees (I recommend a 1 minute break in between each round, or start a new round every 2:00)
10 minutes of Jump Rope at a fast pace
I will not be posting a workout for Friday; use it as an active recovery day.  Jog, ride your bike, take the dog for a long walk.  Get outside and enjoy yourself!

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