Starting yesterday, each time we do a new Hero workout at CFKI we’ll do some redecorating.  Our blank walls desperately need some love, and what better commemoration to the hard work put in by everyone in the gym than to permanently dedicate a spot on the wall.
Yesterday we pushed through “Abbate”, which included 2.5 miles of running with 42 heavy clean & jerks shoved into the middle to make it a super-long interval workout.  As Craig said, who would have thought that an 800M run would feel like a recovery period?  Oh, but I think he was talking about an 800M run WITH A 40-lb RUCKSACK, since that is what Craig and Kenny scaled the runs up with.  WHAT????  Never seen anyone scale up a Hero WOD before… you guys are badass.
Finally, a huge congrats to Christine, who attended her first group class yesterday!  A long Hero with a bunch of guys lifting heavy and grunting all around her for her first class… if she comes back next week we’ll know she is dedicated!

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