Holiday Plan: Back to the Basics

A quick one today, as I’m feeling increasingly threatened by my boys’ ever-expanding Christmas lists, which are growing daily in size and complexity.  It seems like they are just scrolling through Amazon, and picking stuff out that they want even though they may have never thought of it before.  Note: this feeling was actually verified by Denee who watched one of our boys do just that.  Whatever happened to the days of asking for one big thing and not getting it, but settling for a sweater you would never wear and a sock full of oranges?  Ahh, those were the days…

The stress of the holidays also had me thinking – and talking to some folks at the gym – about how to not come out of the holiday season feeling like I took one step forward in my love of egg nog but thirty-five steps back in my conditioning.  For me, when I can’t dedicate as much time as I’d like to in the gym, it’s time to get back to basics.

The first basic lesson of fitness is that no program will get you results unless you are consistent.  So, on a weekly basis, maybe on Sunday evening as you’re planning your next week out, make a point of scheduling out your workouts.  Sign up for the classes you are planning on attending for the whole week.  If there is a day that it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to make a group class, think of something you can do outside for 30 minutes, and write that into your calendar at the time you’re going to do it.

On a daily basis, be consistent in keeping your commitment to your fitness and health.  If it looks like a higher priority item is going to take over your scheduled fitness time that day (family plans, church, a conference call with the President, that’s about it!), then find another time.  Maybe it’s right now, in the morning, before everyone else is up and your day becomes theirs.

Back to the basics.  Consistency is key!  If you’re able to be consistent, then when you feel like today is the day, bring the intensity.  If you haven’t been consistent in doing ANYTHING for a week or two, then don’t come raging into the gym full of pre-workout trying to crush everything.  That’s a recipe for injury at the worst, or at best a future lack of consistency as you lay on the couch for three days explaining to your dad why he should do CrossFit, while you can’t even walk.  We’re looking for a high batting average over the holidays, not a bunch of strikeouts surrounded by one epic grand slam.  Sorry, I don’t know any lacrosse analogies.

Consistency in moving your body through the holidays will help you feel good, and enjoy your downtime with family and friends that much more.  I hope to see you in the gym as much as you can, at different classes and Open Gym times that meet your schedule for that day.  Or we’ll see you out on the trails!  Either way, have fun with it, stay safe, and have an AWESOME holiday season.


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