Can you put your Knees to your Elbows? THESE GUYS CAN

Three stages of Knees to Elbows: Hang, Tuck, Rest

Heather and Claire – battle ‘bells!

The 5:30 class hanging out at the bar

Craig on his way to a 21:17 beastly time

Nothing much to say after the “Filthy Fifty”, except I’m super proud of all of you for 1. showing up to do that craziness, and 2. FINISHING IT.  Enjoy some pics from that fiasco of a workout.
For time:
– 30 Snatches, 135/95 lbs

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  1. Awesome job to Twitty (1:38 @ 35lbs) in her first class, as well as Jim (4:00 @ 115lbs), Matis (6:00 Rx), Heather (5:45 @ 50lbs), and Craig (9:42 Rx). Atta way to throw some weight!

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