July 10th, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dana!
Wednesday will be a partner WOD, where there are 5 stations – all gymnastics today except for another crack at the rower.  At each station, the partners will have 4 minutes to complete as many reps as possible.  The catch: only one partner can be working at a time.  There is no requirement for both partners to do reps at each station (i.e., one partner could do all the Rope Climbs if necessary, but then be nice to that partner on the next station, eh?)

Dana throwing big weight overhead at the ESAC

Partner WOD:
Each partner group will spend 4 minutes at each station, with a 1 minute rest/rotation period in between stations.
– Rope Climb, 10 feet
– Burpee
– Row (1 calorie = 1 rep)
– Handstand Hold (1 second = 1 rep, partner assistance is OK, but you cannot use the wall)
– GHD Situp

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