July 21st, 2012

A quick one today, but nothing to laugh at – 5 rounds of anything is tough, and with a small number of reps of each tricky movement, the invitation was there to move fast and keep going – and you all took the bait, to your long-term benefit of course.
Kenny wrapped up another strongest finish at 7:31 (just about 1:30 per round) and there were quite a few other finishers soon after that, including Mia and Sofia who clocked in at 7:29 and 10:34 respectively.  Is it fair to compare Sofia’s time to the others, because she is 14 years old?  It is fair, because she can compete – look out for her on the soccer field this fall.  I wouldn’t want to be playing defense when she brings the ball down the field.
3 rounds for total reps:
2 minutes Double-unders
2 minutes Deadlift @ bodyweight (for example, a 180-lb athlete deadlifts a bar loaded with 180 lbs)
1 minute rest

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