June 12th, 2012

We had our biggest crowd in the gym tonight, with seven people working out at once, and most doing a workout (Jackie) that involved the use of our one rowing machine.  Just walking around and seeing people motivating each other as they each worked on different things before and after the WOD made me feel really proud of the community that is forming at CFKI.  I love working out and hanging out with you all!
After the workout, Kenny and Chris delivered on an idea that got cooked up last week to build a wall-mounted rig for rope climbs and ring work.  Then, perhaps inspired by the promise of high rings, Kenny got his first muscle-up, using the rings hanging from the high bar on the pullup rig!  Awesome work, and something that will have to be recreated with a video camera rolling next time!
Reminder – tomorrow’s only class will take place at 6am.  If you can’t come in for class, try this workout out around home – just measure out 800M on a route mapping website like USA Track and Field’s “Running Routes” http://www.usatf.org/routes/map/
3 Rounds for time:
Run 800M
Rest 2 minutes

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