June 18th, 2013

Matis and Grantham put in a solid effort tonight to get qualified for the “Battle at the Beach” in Rehoboth, mid-July.  Each of them did 45 Snatches (115#) and 30+ Burpees in a 7 minute AMRAP.  Help cheer them on as they fight for another chance to be crowned fittest on The Shore!  The next workout will be posted at the end of this week and we’ll do it all together on Monday or Tuesday.

Dave (left) and Dane kicking out some Toes to Bar in the 6am class

– Back Squat, 5 @ 75%, 3 @ 85%, 1+ @ 95%
Death by Air Squats (Pyramid):
– In minute 1 do 2 Squats, in minute 2 do 4 Squats, in minute 3 do 6 Squats, continue until you cannot complete the required reps within the minute.
– Take 1 minute rest, and then come back down the pyramid from where you finished (if you failed at 20 reps, start at 18 and each minute complete 2 less Squats)

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