Level Up!

I really don’t like to talk about myself or the things that I’ve done, both because I’d much rather talk about all of your awesome accomplishments in and out of the gym, and because for every positive deed I’ve done I’m sure there’s another that balances it out the other way.  But I want you guys all to know that I have recently been deemed a “Level 3” Certified CrossFit Trainer, by passing an exam that covers a lot of information and skills that experienced CrossFit trainers should be expected to know and use.  The reason I think it’s important that you know that is that I want you to know that I am constantly striving to become a better trainer and gym owner, so that you can continue to have the best fitness experience possible.
The process of studying for and then taking the test was a good learning experience for me, and CrossFit provided all of the study material I would need, by listing out CrossFit Journal articles that were most applicable, as well as links to some outside resources.  One thing I joked about in the gym leading up to the test was that there were certain topics that I hoped would not be included in the test, or at least prominently.  Guess what – THEY WERE!  My marching orders, thinking about what I most stressed about during the test, are to include those topics heavily in my continuing education.  I won’t mention what the topics were because I signed an NDA and thus cannot discuss what was actually on the test, but I have a really good sense of where to focus my time now.  There is an interesting parallel to training CrossFit in the gym here:  we all have movements that we’re not good at that we hope will not “show up on the test”.  Well guess what – THEY WILL!  And we all have to strive to correct our deficiencies before they get tested and we learn the hard way.
Another great thing that happens every time I get involved again in a CrossFit training course or test is that I get super fired up again about the CrossFit methodology — specifically how simple yet effective it is.  There are many, including myself at times, that try to complicate it by overthinking workout programming, adding in more volume instead of spending time working on the basics, and maybe even devaluing nutrition as the real base of the fitness pyramid and focusing too much on physical training.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to keep it simple, but it works, and that’s what I’m going to refocus my own training and coaching energy on.
Thank you all for the motivation to keep honing my craft!  I do what I do because I love the feeling of helping people to achieve their goals, especially the crazy ones that seem so far off.  And then you guys show up every day and smash those goals to bits, and I get to be a small part of it.
Here’s to our fitness and health, and our lofty collective goal to keep improving!

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