Go Team!  Today’s WOD was a fun team exercise, with one person running while everyone else gets as much work done in the gym as possible.  The 6am class rocked in at 633 reps (3 athletes = 211 reps per athlete), and the 6pm class kicked it up a notch at 869 reps (4 athletes = 217 reps per athlete).  Sweet!
Chris broke the gym record in the 400M run with his first run of the workout at 1:08.  It was our shortest-lasting record ever though, as once Kenny got cooled down from the WOD he blazed a 400M in 0:52!  Chris and Andy took the challenge and clocked in at 0:56 and 1:09 respectively, but it wasn’t enough to knock off Kenny’s new mark.
Not that this should be an afterthought, but I also have to mention that Kenny banged out 41 pullups before the workout.  Today was Kenny’s day for sure!
5 rounds for max total reps:
Bodyweight Bench Press
The time limit for this WOD is the hour that the class lasts!

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