March 4th, 2014

Happy birthday to my brother Nate!  We did something similar to this on Sunday but this time hopefully you’ll have shoes!  Inside joke, sorry guys.
Let’s spend some time either getting that first Double-Under, stringing together a couple, or hitting that new PR.  Then we’ll transition into Pull-ups and look to take the next step with a new band, kipping, or butterflies.  Let’s get better every day!
Skillwork:  Double-Unders, Pull-ups
Work Capacity:
4 rounds for time:
– 30 Double-Unders
– Walking Lunge, 10M
– 15 Pull-ups
– Walking Lunge, 10M
“There is nothing greater in the sky than Education. With it, virtue is transmitted by one to many. True education accelerates the progress of hundreds of years.”
– Jigoro Kano

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