There was a target on Andy’s CFKI record on “Grace” today, with multiple people taking aim and taking it down, including Andy himself!  The previously standing record was “1.5 rap songs” for the workout of 30 Clean and Jerks, and so Andy first set the more standard time-based record in the 7am class, at 4:20.
Mike wasn’t too scared of that time, and ended up with the new gym record of 2:36 in his attempt during the 6pm class.
Andy happened to be there to witness the new record, and decided if his previous time was beatable, then maybe he should beat it too… and posted a new PR at 3:15.
Personal and gym records being set and smashed all over the place, another ridiculously fun day at CFKI!

Tomorrow’s WOD is “Michael”, named for Michael McGreevy, a Navy SEAL Lieutenant who was killed in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005 when the helicopter taking him and his Team on a rescue mission crashed.  Michael is survived by his wife Laura and his daughter Molly.
3 Rounds for Time:
Run 800M
50 Back Extensions
50 Situps

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