Mobility Seminar with Athlete, Inc.

All you strength-building, endurance-blasting athletes of CFKI – are you interested in learning more about mobility?  Becoming more “mobile” means better range of motion through your joints (especially the major hip and shoulder joints), and will make for bigger lifts and better performance in the gym – and in life!
Evan Eichler of Athlete, Inc. is an expert in the field of human body movement and has put together mobility programs for athletes of all levels, including NHL hockey players.  Athlete, Inc. and CrossFit Kent Island would like to offer a 90-minute seminar on Saturday, June 1st that will focus primarily on getting your body ready for a workout, or “pre-generation” as Evan puts it.  Evan will bring take-home materials and equipment to use during the seminar.  If you would like to purchase mobility equipment from him he will have some packages available as well.  The cost of the seminar is $30, and it will be limited to 10 athletes.  There will be a signup sheet at the gym so that you can reserve your spot.  If there is more demand we will offer additional introductory seminars, as well as seminars on recovery (or “re-generation”).
Again, here are the details on the “Pre-Gen” Mobility Seminar:
– Location:  CrossFit Kent Island
– Date/Time:  Saturday, June 1st (tentative time 11am)
– Duration:  90 minutes
– Cost:  $30 per athlete  (covers instruction and take-home reference materials)

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