Big weight being thrown around the gym tonight, with more PRs breaking through and great tech65nique being developed in the Push Jerk especially.  That one takes alot of practice to get the true feeling of jumping the bar up and then ducking down beneath to extend the arms completely.
And then to the jump rope!  Craig tore up the Double-Unders as we knew he would, completing 317 reps (I think?) in 10 mins, as Andrea broke over the thousand mark with 1,070 Single-Unders in 10 mins.  Sweet!!
Tomorrow we’ll transfer our newfound comfort with big weights overhead into the Overhead Squat, working on technique for a bit and then jumping back in time to one of the first workouts we did in the gym 4 months ago, “Nancy”.  Just as with “Cindy”, I can’t wait to see the gains that everyone has made here, it’s going to be ridiculous.
5 Rounds for time:
15 Overhead Squats, 95/65 lbs
Run 400M

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