November 1st, 2013

Welcome November!  Wow, I feel like it was just July last week.  Hope everyone ate quite a bit less candy tonight than my little dude, Everett!  I think this was the first year that he went all out on seeking and chomping all the sweets he could.  Good memories..
Skillwork:  Handstand Walking
Work Capacity:
21-15-9 reps for time:
– Deadlift, 225/155 lbs
– Handstand Walk (1 foot = 1 rep)
Dr. Peter Venkman: This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.
Mayor: What do you mean, “biblical”?
Dr Ray Stantz: What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Exactly.
Dr Ray Stantz: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…
Winston Zeddemore: The dead rising from the grave!
Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!
Mayor: All right, all right! I get the point!
 – Ghostbusters

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