November 20th, 2012

That Barbara is a real “B”, but you all definitely showed her who’s boss, starting with the 6am “let’s all beat up on Coach Ryan” session, where Ryan Matis (20:11), Byron (20:14) and Caleb (20:16) all finished within 5 seconds of each other, and all more than 3 minutes ahead of me (23:50)…  not cool guys.  I was just starting my 5th round as they were finishing the WOD, and there wasn’t any catch left in me.
Craig swooped in with the best overall time at 19:56, and Heather bested the female competition at 34:41 with assisted pullups.  Athena, still recovering from a wrist injury, scaled the pullups and pushups and knocked out a 29:09.
For time:
Bear Crawl, 2 lengths of gym
Run 400M
Crab Walk, 2 lengths of gym
Run 400M
Broad Jump, 2 lengths of gym
Run 400M

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