November 7th, 2012

More awesome improvements shown in our skillwork today, this time with Pullups.  Heather, Michelle and Claire got some great work done with a much lighter assistance band, and then some dudes rolled out some super-high numbers on a set of max pullups – Byron with 27 (previous high 20), Matis with 30, Craig with 32 (previous high 22) and Kenny with 43 (previous high 41)!
Then we moved into “Helen” and the times went low, with alot of athletes under 10-mins which is a super-strong benchmark:
Byron 9:09, Matis 8:54, Alyssa 8:38, Craig 8:51, Kenny 11:59, Heather 12:59 (assisted pullups), Claire 17:30 (assisted pullups), Michelle 17:12 (assisted pullups)
21-15-9 reps for time:
Deadlifts @ 225/135lbs
Thrusters @ 95/65lbs

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