October 16th, 2012

Get low, get low, get low!  That was definitely the soundtrack of the day, as everyone struggled to get down underneath the barbell to hit the perfect Snatch.  There is still some room for improvement on everyone’s technique, but not to worry – we’ll be practicing all week!
In the WOD, Andy (5:24) and Alyssa (6:37, scaled up to 65lbs) topped the charts, but just about everyone was focused on technique rather than moving weight fast, which I loved on this one.
Tomorrow we’ll continue our technique work with the Overhead Squat and Snatch Balance, and then get into a met-con that will test your endurance over the course of a full 10 minutes:
Max Single Jump Ropes in 10 mins.  For every break in jumping (intentional or not), perform 3 Burpees.

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