October 18th, 2012

Ryan Matis demonstrating the GHD Bench Press

Back on the GHD horse today, and it felt great!  Definitely ramping up the reps and the difficulty a bit with the GHD Bench Press.  Just a timely WOD post from the CrossFit main site that I caught and watched a demo, and it looked ridiculous so I knew we had to do it!  If anyone ever does, sees, or hears of an awesome workout like that definitely let me know and we’ll knock it out in class!
Craig (13:03) and Heather (16:06) co-dominated today, with Byron (13:35) and Ryan Matis (13:40) close on their heels!  Very fast times, alot of determination on display there.
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Back Squat, 225/135 lbs
KB Swings, 70/35 lbs

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