October 25th, 2012

OK, so max effort 1000M Row, 4 mins rest, 4 mins of max effort Thrusters.  Which is the worst part?  The row is tough, sure, and if you go all out you can’t breathe at about 700M anymore, and you’re just playing the waiting game for it to be over.  The Thrusters dominate your legs during short bursts of reps that you can manage.
But is maybe the toughest part the rest period?  The 4 minutes where you are struggling to hurry up your recovery and be ready for the next part of the workout, frantic that you will not be able to perform at all?  The mental stress of trying to live up to your own expectations is a crucial component of CrossFit, and one that you have to be on the right side of in order to master the sport.  Will you allow the stress to bring negative thoughts into your head, allowing yourself to quit just a little bit, to ease up?  Or will you turn the stress into a motivator, relishing the chance to prove yourself wrong, to prove that it doesn’t matter how tired your body is, you will persevere and complete the workout with your absolute best effort?  Choose to stay positive, stay mentally strong, and keep coming at that barbell with all you have – you’ll love yourself afterwards, and you’ll love the gains that you make in your long term health, physically and mentally.
Killer scores today: Andy’s 1000M Row of 3:14, Ryan Matis’ Tabata Thruster score of 88 reps.  Both beastly performances, and just as much mental toughness as physical strength.
8 rounds for max total reps:
20 seconds of Muscle-ups
10 seconds rest
20 seconds of Cleans, 135/95lbs
10 seconds of rest

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