Open WOD 13.4: What's it gonna be?

Alright, time to take another crack at guessing the next Open workout!  Once again any winners will get a free month membership, transferrable to a friend if you’d like!
Remember the rules of the road:
– Each person can submit one guess (you do not have to be a current member at CFKI to compete)
– A guess can include as many movements as you would like
– A winning guess will be characterized as follows:
1.  At least 50% of the guessed movements are actually in workout 13.4 (so, you are incentivized to not guess too many movements – you have to be accurate!)
2. At least 50% of the movements actually in workout 13.4 were present in the guess (so, you are incentivized to guess ALL of the movements you think will be in the workout)
– More than one person can win
– Guesses must be submitted either by posting a comment to this blog post, or posting a comment to this linked post on Facebook
– Winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 27th after workout 13.4 is announced!
Let’s see if anyone can unseat Dustin as our resident soothsayer of CrossFit programming!

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