Prioritizing You

“If you don’t prioritize yourself, you constantly start falling lower and lower on your list.”
  — Michelle Obama
Whenever you are on board a flight, before you take off, the flight attendants go over the safety procedures.  I’m sure many of you can almost recite the gist by heart but one thing they always point out is in case of a loss in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop down and to make sure you apply yours before your child’s or anyone else who needs help.  The reason for this instruction is you will be of no use to your child if you pass out while attempting to put on their mask.  You may wonder where I’m going with this.  Well, if you are not taking caring of yourself first in your life, you are less and less beneficial to those around you.
Many of us struggle with finding a work-life balance.  We are dedicated to our jobs, we find much of our identity there, and we want to do better at work to make life easier for ourselves and our families.  Often when we put in the extra hours at work to make sure the finished project is perfect or the deadline is met, we sacrifice time with our family or other things that fulfill us.  When we take away time from those we care about, we often feel selfish and make sure we make up for that lost time with every free second we can spare.  We make sure to catch even a part of soccer practice and never miss a lacrosse game on the weekends.  All of this running around can just become cyclical, this deadline leads to the next one and volleyball season, turns into lacrosse season, turns into track season.
As a coach, I often hear about people just being too overwhelmed to carve out time for the gym.  Trust me, I understand, but you will take better care of others when you are taking care of you too.  Staying active reduces stress, provides mental clarity, and allows us to refocus our commitment to the things that truly matter.  And, yes, you are one of those things that matter.
We have a Whole Life Challenge coming up later this January and I can’t help but notice that many of those signed up are those that were signed up last year.  The challenge forces you to take a look at your habits, both good and bad.  Whether it’s a check on nutrition, fitness, sleep, or well being,  it’s beneficial to take a step back to see if you’re building the best version of you.  Becoming your best self is not a selfish act; it’s the exact opposite.  Challenge yourself and I promise you will become a better parent, spouse, co-worker, and, yes, CrossFitter.
Coach Jason

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