Savage Race Complete!

This week we are thrilled to share Jill Fisher’s post-event review of the Savage Blitz race that she completed on Sunday.  As you can see, she had a great time with Alicia as her coach running with her and reminding her of good strategies to complete the obstacles they came across.  Jill, Alicia and I would all like to encourage you guys to get out of your comfort zone and try out one of these obstacle course races, aka “mud runs”.  They are a blast!
Now here’s Jill:
Hi everyone!
This past weekend, I participated in the 3.4 mile Savage Blitz obstacle course race (OCR), which was held about 40 minutes away in Kennedyville, Maryland. Alicia asked if I would share my thoughts on the race, since it was my first time participating in an OCR and, actually, in any type of race at all (except for the CFKI Turkey Trot!).
I’ve been training for the OCR for a while on Saturday mornings, but it turned out to be very different than I expected. I thought that it would be a lot of running and I was mainly worried that I would fail every obstacle (I like to consider the worst case scenario!). The reality was that the Maryland Blitz has very little running and the Blitz obstacles are totally doable by anyone at CFKI.
Obstacles – I had seen the list of Savage obstacles ahead of time and I was a little concerned about some of them, but they didn’t include that many “scary” obstacles on the shorter course. I think that they are trying not to discourage beginners. Most of the obstacles consisted of structures (approximately 8 feet high) that you would climb up and over using a rope or hand holds. There were also a number of rigs, some walls, and a giant slide. There were really only a few obstacles where I wasn’t able to make any progress (I mean, who can swing from a tassel?), so I felt pretty good about my performance at the event. The primary obstacle that wasn’t featured on the website was the mud. There was a lot of mud and it’s not easy to climb a muddy hill. But it was great exercise and it made the event more challenging.
Challenges for Me – It was a fairly long race and it was hot, so it was tiring. I felt fine during the race, but once I got home I had to drink a lot of electrolytes and then I felt better. The other challenge was that I’m kind of afraid of heights and there were some pretty high obstacles, but I was able to complete them and I think that they should be a little more manageable now.
One final note, I was very surprised to see the other participants at the starting gate. It seems like most of the competitors hadn’t trained and just decided to come out and try the race. I’m not sure what happened to these individuals and whether they finished or not, but anyone from CFKI would blow these people away.
Overall, I thought that the event was a great experience. I feel good about what I accomplished and I’m looking forward to training for the next event in the Spring and making progress on the obstacles and my race time.
TLDR: Not much running. Obstacles doable. Anyone at CFKI can easily complete the Blitz!
Please join us in the Spring!

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