September 11, 2012

Hilarious reaction from Byron today when Alyssa finished the 21-15-9 Pullup/HSPU WOD in 2:24 – “I quit”.  I guess it’s only hilarious because he didn’t quit and got the work done himself soon after.

Chris going overhead with the Press

Nice work also to Chris, who pushed through a personally difficult workout – we all have those days – and put a time up on the board.  It would be so easy sometimes to just lay down when the workout gets tougher than you thought it would be.  But as the saying goes, “Pain is Temporary, Quitting is Forever”.  You will make it through the physical and mental anguish of the workout, and while it might temporarily break you down, that is what builds you up stronger and faster.  Chris, you are a great example for all of us that want to quit on a WOD – you’ve set the bar high.
Partner WOD:  As many rounds as possible in 15 mins
– Partner 1 performs 20 Double-Unders
– Partner 2 performs as many Snatches* as possible in the time that Partner 1 does DUs
* choose a weight that each partner can lift at least 5 times consecutively

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