September 28th, 2013

Have fun tonight, Wolfpack, but get back in the gym for one more workout before you call it a week.  I have to admit, Denee and I named this one after the 2nd place team in Kent Island’s Social Football League’s spring tourney.  We don’t know anyone on the team, just saw their name tonight on the (which we are now a proud sponsor!)  If anyone from Team Shadynasty is reading this, come on into the gym to kill this workout, we know you can!
Partner WOD “Shadynasty”
Buy-in:  Partners do a total of 3 Rope Climbs and 30 GHD Sit-ups
15 minute AMRAP:
– 2 Tire Flips
– 200M Run
– 20 Pull-ups (split between partners)
Cash-out:  400M Bear Crawl
Instead of listening to the hundred reasons to quit, listen to the thousand reasons not to give up.

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