Set a Goal

Your number 1 goal for this week is to set a goal.  If that circular logic does not implode the universe immediately after I post this, then by the end of this week, I want each CFKI athlete to write down ONE GOAL that they are going to achieve by the end of 2013.  A few of us were talking a couple weeks ago about this, and although we have encouraged goal-setting by creating a whiteboard space for random submissions, we’ve never gotten super structured about it.  Well, here we go!
Your goal should follow the “SMART” principle.  It should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.
1. Specific:  Instead of “I will lose weight”, how about “I will weigh under 200 lbs”
2. Measurable:  Make sure that it is possible to determine whether you hit the goal or not.  “I will work hard in the gym everyday” is pretty subjective, and you and I might have different opinions on whether or not it happened!
3. Attainable:  Choose a goal that is not out of reach within the next 3 months.  Running a mile in 6 minutes is probably not attainable without immediate medical attention if your current PR is 8:30.
4. Relevant:  Choose a goal that is about fitness, and that hard work with physical training and nutrition can help with.  If your goal is to get Lasik surgery to fix your vision, I’m all for it and happy for you, but on the other hand in this context I don’t care.
5. Time-bound:  Assign a deadline for yourself to hit the goal.
Your goal could be hitting a certain time on a benchmark WOD, hitting a sweet new PR on a lift, or accomplishing a gymnastic skill that currently eludes you.  Here are some good examples:
“I will walk on my hands 20 feet without stopping by the end of 2013.”
“I will Snatch my bodyweight by Halloween (wearing a costume)”
Finally, choose only one goal.  It is very difficult to stay focused and make solid progress on more than one goal at a time.  Write down your one goal, nail that sucker with hard work every day, celebrate your accomplishment and then get focused on another one.
So, in closing, by Friday, September 27th, everyone should have written down one goal in their logbook, journal, on the whiteboard at the gym, or on their bathroom mirror.  Please also email me what your goal is so that I can hold you accountable to it and help you make decisions in the gym to smash that goal as soon as possible!
For the glory,

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