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Hey all you fitness studs and she-studs!  Lately there’s been an epidemic of unannounced class attendees, so we are going to go back to the unwritten (but soon to be written) rule that you must sign up for class online.  It’s really easy to do, you can do so as far in advance as your membership period allows so that you reserve your spot in class, and if you have a handheld cellular device, you can even do it on your way to class (pull over on the side of the road first, please!)
The site to sign up for class is
And the mobile “MindBody Connect” app can be found by searching on the App Store or wherever you find apps with those crazy android phones.
The reasons for signing up for class are:
1. It’s important to not overload one class with too many people, especially when we are doing a workout where a lot of coaching support is needed.  Each class is capped at 10 people, so if you don’t make it into the 5:30pm class you can still come in a bit early, get a good warmup in, and hit the ground running with the 6:30 class.
2. It ensures that everyone in the gym is a paying customer.  Sounds harsh, but there’s been quite a few examples of people not paying for a few weeks in a row without realizing it, and that’s not fair to everyone else.
If you’re thinking, “I don’t know if I’m going to make it to class – what if I have something else to do and I signed up but I can’t come?”, my first thought is “Whatdya mean?  You need to get in the gym and get a workout in — you will feel much better about it, and everything else can wait for an hour.”  If everything else really can’t wait, meaning that your house is on fire, or the Bay Bridge is on fire, you can cancel your reservation online.  If you are personally on fire, just stop-drop-‘n-roll and then get to class, and you can skip the warmup for the day.
The penalty for not signing up for class is 10 burpees, enforced at the beginning of the workout.
So, in conclusion, please sign up for class, it’s the cool thing to do, especially if you don’t like burpees!

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