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Hey all – it’s been a while since I wrote about something not workout-related, but unfortunately this one is just a quick reminder that I feel is necessary since we have turned the wrong corner on our class sign-up trend.  At this point, only about 70% of our athletes are signing up for class.  If you’ve been coming to the evening classes, you know that we’re starting to get pretty busy, and many times are at or even above our class capacity of 10 athletes.  Having too many people in class makes me nervous because of safety issues in throwing too many barbells around at one time, and also because my effectiveness as a coach is reduced.
I think it’s a combination of a couple things:  regular attendees who assume that I know that they are coming (which I have been planning for by reducing the class capacity by 1, but then if you’re not there that is a lost space in class), and people that are not sure if they are coming or not.
Luckily, I have a couple ideas that I think will help in both circumstances:
1. “Plan your Dive, Dive your Plan” – this is a saying in the diving community (obviously), and I think it relates to understanding what your week of CrossFit will look like.  Plan out in the beginning of the week when you are going to attend class, and then sign up for those days all at once.  Done!  Then execute on that plan.  We all have things that come up, and it’s fine if you need to cancel.  But adding yourself to the schedule ahead of time may be the trigger that gets you in the door instead of deciding to stay home.
2.  Burpees!  The rule has been on the board for a while, and we’ve danced around enforcing it but I think we’ve only really gotten Athena to do Burpees for not signing up.  Come to think of it, I think Athena does Burpees every day for other minor or imaginary infractions… thanks for being such a good sport, Athena!  From now on we’ll spread the love a bit.
If you do not sign up for class (at least 10 minutes before it begins), you’ll do 10 Burpees before starting your workout, as soon as the clock starts (if it’s a timed WOD).  If you’re not around a computer all day but you’d like to come to class, just give me a call at 443-988-2145, and I’ll add you to the schedule if there’s still space.
Thanks for helping out with this seemingly unimportant part of managing the gym – it really does help me out and I appreciate it!

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