Turkey Twins

As we won’t be open for the actual Turkey Day, here’s a fun partner WOD to pre-burn some of those green bean casserole calories!
Our class schedule for Wednesday is as normal:  6am, 5:30pm, 6:30pm.  On Thursday and Friday we will be closed for the holidays.  Enjoy the time with your family and friends!
Partner WOD:  Complete 2 rounds of the following for time with a partner:
– 28M Turkey Walk:  both partners complete a 28M Turkey (Duck) Walk, which is the distance from the garage door to the winnebago (you know it’ll be there)
– 28 Turkey Get-ups:  With one kettlebell (35/18 lbs), complete 28 total Turkish Get-ups.  Partners pass the KB to each other at the top of the movement each rep.
– 28 Partner Wallturkeys:  With one med ball (20/14 lbs), complete 28 total Wallball Tosses.  Partners pass the ball to each other off of the wall each rep.
– 28 Pilgrim Deadlifts:  Use the principle of fellowship to Deadlift a barbell (135/95 lbs) together.
Pass the stuffing!

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