Week One Complete!

Chris L dominating the Double-Under

Well, we have one full week behind us as a full-fledged CrossFit affiliate gym, and man does it feel good!  We have some amazing athletes working out with us, and not just because of their athletic talent which is plenty, but these ladies and gents are also truly great individuals.  Everyone has been so welcoming, hilarious, and helpful, and I’m just so damn excited to see where this little CrossFit box on the Eastern Shore ends up.
I also have been in touch with Leah from CrossFit Nation, an outstanding box down in Easton, and it sounds like we need to get ourselves ready for an Eastern Shore affiliate challenge at the end of July in Sailsbury!
Here are some pics from the first week – I obviously didn’t capture everything, but will definitely keep snapping on the iPhone to make sure I get all of your outstanding feats on film!
Can’t wait to see what Week 2 has in store.
My son Everett, visualizing the muscle-up or just playing monkey

Kenny's shirt is too short, but his Handstand Pushup is right on

Kenny and Chris G showing great form on the "The Wall"


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