What is your Why?

One of the questions that I’m most often asked about CrossFit, once someone understands all the hard work and dedication to our craft that it entails, is, “Why?”.  Why do you do CrossFit?  Sometimes this question is rhetorical – the person asking doesn’t really expect an answer.  But if they’re really interested, I’ll tell them.

When I started CrossFit (back in 2006), my “why” was to be a part of an elite community of athletes that would push themselves to the brink with nasty workouts and post their times in the comments on CrossFit.com for everyone else to see.  I felt like I was really part of something special, and that pushed me to get better so I could post better times for all the CrossFit community to see!
My “why” since opening CrossFit Kent Island has dramatically shifted from being a part of the larger CrossFit community, which I still very much enjoy, to being a part of this amazing, tight-knit community that we have at CFKI.  I love what we have created and the special bond that we share from laying our souls bare in hero workouts that shouldn’t be attempted by “normal people”.  And I push myself to constantly get better so that I can earn your respect every day and drive you to get better along with me.
Finally, as I became a dad to two amazing boys, my “why” has again morphed, transitioning from a “leader” mentality to a “teacher” mentality.  I want to teach my boys how to work hard, and how to lead a strong team to great heights of accomplishment.  And I want to teach my community how to lead, because then we can affect the most people through our efforts.

Call it my 30-second elevator speech about why the person asking should do CrossFit, but it’s more than that.  It has to be.  Your “why” must be deeply personal, something that will motivate you to keep going through a rough workout, or a rough patch of your life when you just don’t want to even walk in the gym.  We all have those times, but if we can remember – even write down – our “why”, we can remain committed to it when the going gets roughest.

So, what’s your “Why”?  Why do you do CrossFit, subjecting yourself to tough, sometimes downright miserable workouts, the aches and pains of recovering from 100 lunges one day and 30 heavy snatches the next?  Why do you compete with yourself and others, constantly putting your skills, strength and endurance to the test?  This stuff takes dedication, and we all have a reason we do it.  Do you know what yours is?
Maybe one of these “why” responses from my CrossFit experience resonates with you or helps you find your Why.  When you know it, come in and write it on our “Why Wall” at the gym!  I hope it will inspire you to push harder when you run back into the gym after a mid-WOD 400M sprint, and maybe it will inspire others as well!