Why You Should Do Personal Training

Personal training has become a more popular option at CrossFit Kent Island since we reopened the gym after the pandemic closure, and I’ve been trying to figure out why, while also realizing that I really enjoy it as a coach.  As I started to list the reasons that I believe personal training has now become a big part of our business, I also recognized them as reasons that you (someone that has not yet started training at CFKI) might want to consider it!  So here we go…

Personal training is more, well, personal!  If you are not comfortable right now with being around a lot of people you don’t know very well, having the gym to yourself (with a coach who is wearing a mask) may be a great option for you.  Most of our personal training sessions are at times when there is no one else in the gym, and if you’d like, we can make sure of that when we schedule sessions.

Personal training allows you to focus on achieving your goals. A group class setting is awesome for motivation – “if that guy is not going to stop, then I’m not either” sort of thing.  And it can also be great for achieving a very worthy goal of general fitness, something that we should all aspire to!  But if you have a timeline you’re working on – I need to achieve X by Y date, personal training might be your best option.

If your goal is post-pandemic weight loss, your coach’s program will remain hyper-focused on keeping your heart rate up in the fat-burning zone, not spending a lot of time on heavy weightlifting.  Conversely, if you are trying to build muscle for football or working on getting stronger and faster for military service, your program will be targeted at power and speed work.  We have coaches who have done what you’re trying to do, and they can get you there too!

Finally, personal training means that you have your coach’s undivided attention.  In a group class setting at CrossFit Kent Island, our classes are small enough that everyone will be seen, everyone can feel safe, and everyone will be coached.  But if you want to work on improving certain skills like Olympic weightlifting technique or even running technique and pacing, and make giant leaps every time you’re in, a personal training program – even just a few sessions – is going to be the ticket.

Group fitness training like a CrossFit class is super fun, motivating, and hugely beneficial toward attaining overall fitness.  Most of our CrossFit coaches work out with the group classes for those reasons!  But if working out with a group is not your thing, if you have specific goals to reach and want to get there now or if you want to develop skills in a super-targeted way, give personal training at CrossFit Kent Island a try!  Just shoot us an email at ryan@crossfitkentisland.com to get started!