2020, Thanks for the Memories!

Well, we’re almost there!  New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and with it we will say goodbye to the strangest, most unique, and maybe most difficult year that most of us have faced.  2020 will not be added to anyone’s list of “Top 10 Years”, but as bad as the clouds of doom were, there were also a few silver linings.

It brought us closer together with the people that we love, even as it added to the political division in our country.  We started reaching out more to our friends, just to chat or to schedule virtual socials.  We craved the “facetime” with people that didn’t live in our house, but we also genuinely wanted to check in with each other.  We became a stronger community.

We got to see real heroism at work from our front-line healthcare workers, first responders, teachers, and parents, among so many others.  A lot of individuals stepped into the void of confusion to help sick patients, scrap their lesson plans honed over years and start over teaching virtually, and maybe even make scary career changes so that they could be at home more with their families that needed them.

We all learned a few things that will help us going forward.  Many of us pivoted the way that we do our jobs, or even the products that our businesses offer, in order to stay relevant and to help the economy.  Our kids learned how to learn again, in a different way, becoming more resilient and more creative.

At CrossFit Kent Island, we continued to thrive through the pandemic because of our strong community.  We reinvested in you with new services, and you reinvested in us by staying connected and continuing to train hard.
And train hard you did!  Attached is a “Year in Review” summary from Wodify, which is always fun to check out.  Of particular note for me are the huge numbers of classes attended, which demonstrates a ton of effort and day-after-day commitment to getting better.  The PR’s are a result of that hard work, and worth celebrating!

If your New Year’s resolutions include getting your diet and other habits back on track, then you’re in luck!  Starting January 16th, the next iteration of the Whole Life Challenge is starting, and we’re going to start a team to do it together!  A lot of the Whole Life Challenge revolves around ratcheting down your diet, but there are also great focuses on sleep, hydration, and mental health.  A bunch of us have done it before and found it very rewarding and beneficial as a springboard to improving our Whole Lives!  — see what I did there?

Happy New Year to our CFKI community!  May 2021 bring us a bit more health and fitness, and may we be the next shining examples of heroism, creativity and leadership that this world needs.

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