2023 CrossFit Open Recap

So, the 2023 CrossFit Open is over, and the excitement of throwing down against the world has passed, until next year.  I am so proud of everyone that competed in the Open, especially all of you that jumped in for the first time!

I hope you all had fun and learned about yourselves a bit.  Which workouts did you perform best at?  Look into the key movements or format of those WODs and find your strengths.

Which did you struggle with more than your peers?  You probably already know these movements or the weights involved are a weakness of yours.  Create a new goal to improve, and attack that weakness without mercy!

Although it can be a bit of a time-suck when you should be being productive (my weakness!), the CrossFit Games Leaderboard (https://games.crossfit.com/leaderboard) is of course the place to find out where you and your friends rank among the world, in the country, or in your state (enter “Maryland” in the Search by Hashtag filter).  In reviewing where everyone landed from CFKI, our coaches and I made some awesome discoveries that I just had to share:

– John Galdieri, Andrew Little, Hazen Arnold, and Joe Hill-Kittle all placed in the top 100 in Maryland for the 45-49 age group!!

– Denee Wolf placed 13th in Maryland for the 40-44 age group!!

– Clelia Stevens placed 36th in Maryland for the 50-54 age group!!

– Alicia Higginbotham, Ken Nyczaj, and Jimmy Lubonski all placed in the top 75 overall in Maryland!!

– Alyssa Stookey placed 1st in Maryland in the 35-39 age group, 22nd in the USA, and 39th in the WORLD!!  That’s out of 17,223 competitors, which is top 0.2% in the world.  Incredible!

Once again we have proven that we are among the fittest of our peers!!  Great work, everyone!!  Now let’s keep working!