4 Reasons Why You Should Not Do the Intramural Open… DEBUNKED!!

In my travels around the gym this week getting people signed up for the Intramural Open, I have come across some pretty good reasons people have offered for not joining in this year.  But one of my first jobs when I was in high school was as a telemarketer, selling magazine subscriptions to people over the phone that they did not want or need.  Don’t do that job, by the way, it’s horrible!!  But I learned how to not take “no” for an answer, and that persistence paid off in my new role as Alicia’s Assistant-to-the-Regional-Manager of the CFKI Intramural Open.  I wanted to echo some of the conversations I’ve had with you all, and offer up some answers to these 4 classic Reasons You Should Not Do the Intramural Open!

  1. I’m pretty new to CrossFit, I’m probably not ready for The Open
    • First of all, welcome once again to CrossFit Kent Island!!  The CrossFit Open and our Intramural Open is one of the most fun times of the year around here.  That also means it’s one of the best times to get involved and get to know your fellow CFKI members.  Be on their team!  Support them and be supported by them.  Going through something together with a team – it could be difficult or even super fun – is a proven way to bond together.  This will be a great way to REALLY get started with your CrossFit Kent Island experience!
  2. I probably can’t do the Open workouts “as prescribed”
    • No sweat!  There will be clear standards for the “Rx” version of each workout, but also standards for a “Scaled” version and a “Foundations” version for those of us just getting started with CrossFit movements.  You will get the same credit for completing the workout in any version, and you can switch versions from week to week.
  3. The Open workouts are on Friday, but I can’t always get there on Friday for class
    • That’s OK!  Completing the Open workout on Friday is not required – you have from Thursday at 3pm when the workout is announced live (https://games.crossfit.com) until Monday at 8pm to get the workout done, and the CFKI coaches that are on your team will make sure they can be there for you and help you complete the workout when you’re available.
    • Completing the Open workout is also just one way that you can be a good teammate!  There will be other weekly challenges, anywhere from physical challenges like most calories rowed in a week, to fun challenges like posting funny CrossFit memes for all to enjoy.  The whole point of the Intramural Open is to take the sole focus off of the weekly workouts and make it more of a community building experience!
  4. I don’t like being on a team
    • Alright, Grumpy McGrumperson, time to get out of your comfort zone a little bit.  Don’t you enjoy working out in a group class, vs. by yourself in a gym every day?  Remember the joy of winning (and the sting but also lessons learned of losing) that came with being on that high school team that almost made it all the way to States, BACK IN THE DAY (said in a cool Jocko voice).  This will be just like that, except no asshole coaches in tight shorts… unless you’re into that.

So, can I put you down for a 5-year subscription to Golf Digest?  Or maybe just start at a 2-year plan?


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