• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Adaptive Athlete Trainer


Favorite WOD :: Kelen Helly – a cross between Helen and Kelly.  Favorite partner WOD is Zero Dark Thirty
Least Favorite WOD :: I don’t really have a least favorite workout; I greatly enjoy suffering.  CrossFIt Open WOD 18.4 was the worst workout experience for me due to a lot of “no-reps” that my judge wasn’t even letting me know about.  I came down after 12 handstand push-ups and my judge said “3”.  I kept trying and failing for a long time after that.

After college basketball I was looking for something competitive and found Obstacle Course Racing. A few years passed, and I began to get more serious about it. I knew I needed to get stronger, so I started CrossFit in July 2017. Since then my racing has drastically improved and old injuries from college are no longer issues.

I got into coaching because I have always enjoyed the learning process. Being able to push people to their limit, watch them fail,  practice, and eventually overcome is an awesome thing to be a part of. I love building relationships with people and figuring out their learning styles in order to be a better teacher/coach for them. I taught kindergarten for a while, and the best part was watching them grow throughout the year. The same applies to CrossFit.

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